hiend hifi_rack
M System, the latest and professional Hifi Rack in ungnoi, is manufactured by solid stainless steel which is able to drain the vibration completely and support your system. Besides, each layer can be equipped with spikes of UN M8 to separate the interference caused by vibration without changing tonal character of each component. The thickened platform arranged perfectly eliminates the vibration and resonance in the devices with its special structure.
Solid Stainless Steel
Ordinary stainless steel, usually with weak magnetic, will affect the performance of the equipments. To enhance overall system performance, M-System is made from superior non-magnetic stainless steel, a material that has undergone the strict tests.
Acoustic platform
Used by American Grade A walnut with high-pressure resistance, through the unique structural design, it is able to control and change the acoustic character of wood, producing excellent Hifi racks to meet different needs.
Separate vibration of each layer
Installed with UN-M8 spikes in each layer to isolate the vibration
Height of three kinds of solid steel
50 / 100 / 200 mm
Free combination
M1 size
W570 x D510 mm
M2 size
W1130 x D510 mm
Sizes of acoustic platform
Offer customized service
Can equipped with high quality heavy duty wheels