Perfectly divert excessive and sudden vibration
Eliminate the distortion and bring a perfect balance to your hifi systems
Super GRADE 5 ceramic ball
Perfect Sphere: ±0.00013mm
Super GRADE 5
Super Grade 5 ceramic ball, perfect sphere. Each ceramic ball with minimal variation (±0.00013mm), Isolate a component from external vibration.
Top tier stainless steel & craftsmanship provides the most stable platform
Heavy loading
Utilize ceramic balls combine with mechanical divertion techniques, Maximum loading: 120KG/Set
Horizontal diversion
Perfectly isolate & divert vibrations, revising harmful distortions, enhance your system's sonic performance.
turntable, CD player
DAC, speaker...etc
Divert and dissipate of excessive vibration energy
UNGNOI use advanced non-magnetic solid stainless steel, which is a strictly tested steel that can support equipment and without magnetic interference.
For turntable, cd player, loudspeakers and other hifi equipment
Taichi Base
height: 24mm
Recommended maximum loading:
120kg / set
mini Taichi Base
height: 16mm
Recommended maximum loading:
18kg / set
Taichi Base 國內視頻連結

Taichi Base / mini taichi